There are not enough voices speaking the truth. It starts with each one of us. Tierra Monarca invites you to listen to the signs that are calling for a change. It could be in the diet, in lifestyle, in a behavior or old pattern. It is always time to let go of what makes our soul decay and embrace what makes us dance and sing in joy. Being grateful is the answer and love is the way.

What are we

Tierra Monarca is the medium in which our community of people all over the world share their life experiences. Especially those that have a positive impact on others.

What we talk about

Our topics go from Holistic Health, Permaculture, Relationships dynamics, Overcoming life challenges, to the love of Jesus Christ, Spiritual Awakening and The breath.

Our mission

We want you to experience the feelings of abundance and wellbeing, knowing that your faith in God and life itself determines the quality of your own life.

What you’ll learn

In this space, we learn how to connect more with our inner wisdom and spirit guide. Every person connected through our page has an important role in each other’s lives and the collective consciousness. As we grow we move towards allowing the embodiment of pure love energy. Working with the universe we realize that we are supported in every way possible.

Our calling

Tierra Monarca is a reassurance of faith in humanity and those life keepers. We are invited you to let go of resistance to ascend in this plane of existence. Remembering that everything done with love is Art and that you are the artist.

“Our destiny is inside each one of us, all you have to do is be brave enough to see it” – Brave.

About the writer

Keila is a manifestation of source energy having a human experience. She likes to share about her life in relationship with the welfare of the ecosystem. Her idea of Tierra Monarca is to unite like-minded people that are co-creating a harmonious life with nature and God to share their vision with the world so we can help others to awake and to feel supported.

Thank you!

Holistic Life Coach, Healers, Raw vegans, Vegans, Artists, Explorers, Seekers, Creators, Fathers, Sons, Brothers, Friends, Life Partners. All of them have something in common. The love for God and the planet.

What People Say

“I been reading it. It Helped me a lot! I feel at peace at some point. It is filled with hope.”

Lissbeth Hernández