You Are Not Alone

Dearly Beloved, You have underestimated your power and capacity to influence change. We have been taught to internalise a feeling of learned helplessness, that things are beyond our control and can't be changed, it simply isn't true. Real lasting change arises from within, positively impacting the life of one other person can have profound effects … Continue reading You Are Not Alone

A Sacred Space

The topic shared in this post is a personal experience so obviously, only I will understand the true depths of it, but I thought I'd share anyway. A little context, for those not familiar with cacao, it is the rawest form of chocolate, originating in the Amazon basin, the Olmecs domesticated it over 4000 years … Continue reading A Sacred Space

Owning The Narrative

I began writing this on the 3rd of June 2019, the second week of my first round of chemo treatment. It was meant to be my first contribution to the blog but required postponing as treatment began to take its toll. The page break jumps to the current month of April 2020. Maktub (It is … Continue reading Owning The Narrative

Empowerment through simplicity

I am responsible for my thoughts and emotions, we all are. Noticing a new symptom immediately leads my brain to wonder if the leukemia has relapsed. This is quickly followed by worry and a host of other emotions. This is a normal reaction. It is at this point that I realise that I'm in my … Continue reading Empowerment through simplicity