That is the scariest thing for a woman.

I will say that the scariest thing for a woman, from my perspective, is to feel insecure, unprotected, and lacking confidence. The lack of confidence in a woman makes her retrieve in a shell and hide from the world. Women are a sign of beauty and delicacy. Women are sensitive. I know we can be … Continue reading That is the scariest thing for a woman.

Holistic supplement for period pain.

Welcome to my blog, my name is Keila, and I have been experiencing intense period pain since 12 years old. I had taken all kinds of pills for the pain without many results and continued health problems at 24. I decided to research holistic medicine to help me heal my pain. Now with 28, I … Continue reading Holistic supplement for period pain.

People I have met.

I have met people that forget things on purpose and make you believe it was an accident. I have met people that has called me a thief because I happened to threatened they getting their way on people. I met people who has only get close to me because they had selfish interests or hidden … Continue reading People I have met.

Give peacefully, receive peace.

While putting words out make sure they are not portrait as a tread for another person. How can we do that?By engaging in emotionally safe conversations.How to?a) By not mixing topics (Talk with awareness and being mindful about NVC) b) Caring and speaking from the heart with consideration to the other’s wellbeing might help to … Continue reading Give peacefully, receive peace.