That is the scariest thing for a woman.

I will say that the scariest thing for a woman, from my perspective, is to feel insecure, unprotected, and lacking confidence. The lack of confidence in a woman makes her retrieve in a shell and hide from the world. Women are a sign of beauty and delicacy. Women are sensitive. I know we can be strong and capable, but today I like to share the side that is mistaken for weakness, forcing us sometimes to adapt to an environment that is not appreciative of our gifts.

Our gifts as women are needed. We have to learn as we grow to be ourselves. We are in tune with the cycles connected to the earth and moon. We bleed once a month, and there is so much to say about that. The demands in jobs, daily lives, and the environment are out of sync with these cycles. We function out of tune by trying to fit into roles given by society. Fortunately, lately, there has been an awakening happening around the globe affecting the way people see us. But, unfortunately, there is still a lot of change to be made for the benefit of us all.

Women are part of the whole gender function, complimenting everything that there is. Balance is necessary. Each month the uterus releases, shifts, and cleanses. At this time, we don’t only let go of blood, but we let go of emotional baggage, allowing energy to flow easily through our bodies. Women are connected to households, businesses, children, men, and the earth, balancing all. Even if some don’t bleed, energetic changes happen in the body. Sings of pain in our period linked to all the experiences we had that month; the feelings, the daily labor, the emotions, the thought processes, the food; all connected to our uterus, where lies the energy of creation. That lead me to address feelings of fear and how it relates to the chakra energy of creation.

How healthy we are in that area is the foundation of our creativity and force. I am so glad many are caring about this, helping us being strong, healthier, happier, secure, supported, and confident. Flowing, changing, renewing like our uterus and blood is what we need to see manifested in the outside and the world. Of course, we will feel tired of doing the same thing every day, having to show up for demands when feeling we will better enjoy our day doing something that we are passionate about and need. That is why we need to stand up for ourselves and seek our internal guidance.

I know all of us want to express ourselves; many feel limited, tired, and sad about not being able to. I care about us stepping into our power, the reason why my insights speak for myself. I want to thank women that do the same, focusing on women’s health in all ways. Many have felt supported by companies like Uqora, Ovulhealth, and Semaine. These brands focus on women’s health, mainly vaginal health. I mean, we need a lot of care for our vaginas, a misunderstood topic.

And sharing about Semaine, they developed supplements that treat period pain directly. Ingredients are safe, natural, derived from plants and minerals, having the best support on the market for all people with periods. If you, like me, ditched all pharmaceutical pills full of chemicals and were waiting for something new to save experiencing constant pain every month, then look no further because “Semaine” came into play to take the pain away. Now you can relax and enjoy yourself in your period. Possible for all of us that suffered so much. Without further ado, I’ll leave you the link to the website.

Congratulations on your journey to a whole-some fulfilled life where your period is not your enemy but an ally.

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