Holistic supplement for period pain.

Welcome to my blog, my name is Keila, and I have been experiencing intense period pain since 12 years old. I had taken all kinds of pills for the pain without many results and continued health problems at 24. I decided to research holistic medicine to help me heal my pain. Now with 28, I have seen many improvements in my healthy habits, I thought the period pain would disappear, and it did, sometimes, but the rest was painful. I refused to take any ibuprofen, aspirin, or similar while feeling cramps because they are no good. Semaine found me and made me realize painless periods are possible.
All start with love and kindness.”
An advertisement popped in my Instagram feed on how women using “Semaine” supplements found help with their painful periods. I was in doubt at first but followed the page, and after six months, I decided to try. I visited their website and went straight to read the ingredients because that is what we do when we care about what we put in our bodies, right? After finding that everything was holistic, wholesome, and plant base, I decided to give it a try. I was excited because I even got a discount. My period was coming soon, and the supplements were to arrive. I felt hopeful and grateful.
I am now on my second day of the period; the supplements work wonders. Soon, as the pain started, I took my first two pills, and after a while, walking and doing things around the house that otherwise, without “Semaine” supplements, it would not have been possible. I can’t believe I am on my period because it feels so light, not like, you know, that sensation of being unable to get off the bed; or vomiting after eating a delicious meal. I am happy, honestly, and that is what motivates me to share this with everyone. As a “Semaine” affiliate, now, I not only have to share but have the chance to receive back.
So if you experience period pain, inflammation, discomfort, any mood changes, or you know someone that does, please, share this with them; tell them about it. You won’t believe how good it feels having the support we deserve and need in our time of the month. I love you all so much.

Get a 20% off on your first “Semaine” supplements bottle with my discount code: KEILA92

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