People I have met.

I have met people that forget things on purpose and make you believe it was an accident. I have met people that has called me a thief because I happened to threatened they getting their way on people. I met people who has only get close to me because they had selfish interests or hidden agendas and not because of care or friendship.

I have met people who fooled others for their own benefit; those people had only one thing in mind, money and lust disguised as freedom and love. I have met people that without trying hard to hide it have been doing little acts of sabotage on me and my life. I have met people who are so careless about any person that they will kiss you and hug you without a drop of concern about whether you are OK or not.

I have met people that lie so hard that even if you are on front of them they can’t act in any other way that isn’t fake and still tell you I love you and speak like they know everything about Love. I have met people that feels bother with just my presence but they try to act as if they really care about humanity. I have met people who hurt me a lot not because they did something but because they didn’t do anything a real friend does.

I don’t think any of them knew what the word friend is like. I don’t think they know what Love really is because if they knew, they would not go around acting like they are the most loving people on earth when they only see the others through their lenses of manipulation and put not in others peoples shoes. They don’t sympathize nor are they kind. They try to be nice but nice isn’t real. Real is love and love is real but they lost themselves there. But for every one of those acts there is a purpose that lead me here. This is just a note saying “I get it.” I am glad I didn’t make it with them because I rather be alone that close to that which makes me realize the meaning of the word Fake.

But there are the ones that make everything they could even in the worst of conditions or situations to show some appreciation and care even in the smallest acts. They were noble and kind. Those few are prove of God’s love and their acts of kindness are a treasure, for me, like the best gift.

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