Give peacefully, receive peace.

While putting words out make sure they are not portrait as a tread for another person.

  • How can we do that?
    By engaging in emotionally safe conversations.
  • How to?
    a) By not mixing topics (Talk with awareness and being mindful about NVC)

b) Caring and speaking from the heart with consideration to the other’s wellbeing might help to guide this process.

c) When dealing with friends or any people realize how is affecting you in the way the conversations unfold.

d) Compliments or sayings of affection like “I love you” are the most overlook way of miscommunication.

e) Please always try to do your best. Mean what you say and say what you mean.

f) Walk slowly from one topic to the next. Take time to receive the other’s giving and take time to explain your observation, feelings, needs and request.

g) Don’t doubt in be real over nice, always.

h) Do not come to the other person confused or bringing confusing stories and expect getting yours or theirs needs meet. (It is really difficult to unlearn and learn in adulthood and more with certain types of conditioning. Is not everyone that knows or uses NVC. It takes time and care)

i) Express as clearly as you can and ask questions with an intention to really care about the others needs as your own so the other feel appreciated and heard.

j) If we can learn to observe and work with the needs and feelings of others without creating an evaluation or judgement, then, everything in the relationship, friendship or dynamic will be much fulfilled and peaceful and pleasant to everyone.

k) Be honest, sincere and kind.

These means of communication are here to resolve conflict, including any type of miscommunication; like, not taking time to observe, process and respond. If we change topic in conversations without doing these observations both sides we might forget about the flow of give and receive in each experience and the harmony between the two.

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