Adventuring into a Dream Life.


What if we could just feel our feelings as they come without being so reactive to them or trying to change them, but just accept them?

What if we could have way more energy to do whatever we wanted to create?

What if our dreams didn’t stop in just being dreams, but we could work from the inside out to make them a reality? 

What if we could communicate our highest truth with everyone on the planet, without feeling it too crazy or unworthy?

What if we could create what we envisioned in our minds?

What if our way of communicating were fluent both written and spoken, but more than that, what if, even if it’s not perfect, just being confident to write or say our ideas out were enough? 

What if the reality of the world around us didn’t diminish our desire to birth creations but propelled them more into existence? 


I have an answer for that and it is just a start! Even if you don’t know what or how is going to happen exactly. Start seeing your sensibility as one of your humans’ powers. Start to plan for motivational ideas and exercises to implement in your life. Start committing to what is your heart’s dream. Start to put ideas into context, and polish your craft by practicing at least once a day.

Trust your instinct. Give yourself some recognition for all the improvements and appreciate the failures because that is as valuable, remember, time is never wasted. Find some inspiration from a source, whatever source you prefer. Let your ideas flow and realize that when all of your channels are receptive you can be a communicator for a higher purpose. Allow the willingness to tap into the pure energy of your being.

It is easy to fall into states of cero inspiration but is also the possibility that we will get back into a creative state again. So, even if we accept what it is in the moment, we can still come back stronger. No moment is a waste if we think about it. Everything is bringing us closer to our goals little by little.

Inspirations can come in many forms, or at any moment, but just the right ones are opportunities to bring your art into the light. High states of energy vibrating in a specific way that is just you, bringing what only you can in a way that shows your blueprint evolution.

We are always evolving. Our choices make us. They are not who we are but they do can shape us. That is why is a good thing to evolve and to not remain the same, or do the same thing forever. Even if it is a thing you like a lot, you can always transform or grow with it. Someone told me, and I will say it with my own words as I took it:

We are living our experiences to become the masters that we already are.


I wish for my life force to be more latent and potent in a way that will allow me to work more on my passions. 

I wish to have time enough to put into the things I love doing.

I wish to open myself to good energies and people that inspire me and allow the space for my imagination to work its way into me. 

*It is my wish to have the tools to do the work I love. 

Do you think these things aren’t possible? It is ok to doubt yourself, more time as I said is never wasted. All is working all the time for your greatest good, to welcome into you all you need for bringing your dream to others. Because others are the why we do it for. It is the dream of a shared life. Because what will be the reward if you couldn’t share who you are with those that have and that will cross paths with you.


Every time I see a creative woman I see them as such powerful beings. They have gone successfully through all that I am writing here. They already know all of this. Some of them mastered their craft instinctively, without the need of mind-chattering. Some even out of necessity. Some learned from a culture, and some grow to be talented keepers of that culture.

I will say that my art and craft made me be a deep thinker, but also a deep feeler. Making me mix both, meeting them in the middle. So I will say my thoughts revolve around feelings and my feelings are thought-provoking. Then there is the other part which is communicating them in some form of expression. Preferably I’ve found that writing helps me to download most of my thoughts predominately over my feelings but in a good mixture amount.

On the other hand, when speaking, my feelings get more exposure unintentionally. It is just that I express candidly when talking, usually then my feelings or emotions take the lead. Still, I know I want to advance at logically expressing myself through speech. Sometimes even writing I have to go through everything many times to organize my ideas in a way that is intelligible.

Who will define me but me? Who else can be capable of achieving more for you than yourself? My path has leaded me to those questions. I believe that each one of those formulated questions comes already with its answer. I also know that I can always reach out and research. I have found there are people and resources available to help thought any process. In the same way I hope that my journey and work will help anyone as well, in living extraordinary. Take care.

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