Some thoughts on human evolution.

Since watching this pandemic expand, I have seen people cases and how they blame this virus for taking the lives of their relatives. I have seen news, media, and institutions to go and push tests and vaccines like if our lives were depending on it.

When we suffer so much a lost, feels kind of comforting to find something alien to blame”

Tierra Monarca.


The catalysts for this blog-post are some news, like this one from a woman named Erica Lopez that lost her parents because of COVID, or at least that was what the news article said. Besides all other situations I have been immerse in since the beginning of this pandemic. This one specifically reminded me of how important it is that I share my thoughts with you all.

Her parents health was very fragile, “She actually died pretty much the exact same reason like my dad. They both had their kidneys failed. They both had brain bleeds, and their heart just stopped,” Erica Lopez said. Despite news claims, I see how they and other institutions are using COVID deaths to promote vaccines as a solution to a problem, but they are not treating the cause of it.

It’s worth saying that this is a really delicate topic, but acting with responsibility towards a problem determine the outcome of it all. I know that many things and people are against some of my views, but if I can see behind the vail maybe, it means that others are too, and more soon will. We still have a chance to not be victims of a Virus, but totally capable of coming out of our problems and breaking cycles and patterns that had lead us here.


I have seen how many people that get infected with the virus had already suffered with health problems, some of which are not only physical but wholesome problems related to stress and environmental issues. Cities where there is environmental pollution, places where there is not holistic health education and places where there are people being neglected present the most cases and deaths from COVID-19.

I don’t have something in particular to blame for the deaths of people. There are many factors that contribute for debilitating our health. To determine the causes of death of a person we have to go beyond just COVID. Weakened inmune systems and psychological issues are the main cause of these losses. Stress is becoming the principal factor. Even when we look a person and we think they are ok, they could be undergoing a serie of trials that makes them susceptible to sickness. We need to look at the environment where they live. How their daily lives are. Their surroundings and relationships, but not in a superficial way, but really listening to their deepest thoughts and really taking a closer look to their emotional body.

Is not easy to deal with the “real world.” In cities things look scary in many ways and in some places more than others. If we take a closer look to it we will see lots of negligence and people trying to patch it out most of the time. It’s like we were inside this big wheel going at a super fast speed and if something bad happens we just find the solutions that will not intervine with how things are going but that just keep us spinning faster and faster. We don’t realize that we have better choices. We could even see that there is actually no time that got us fixed. That could allow us to heal in a massive scale. Sometimes we need to look around in a metaphysical view.


See nature goes at a slower speed but gets more done and in a proper way. I have lived in a big city and things do not look good there. Every where I look there is so much pollution, and humans trying to fix the things that go wrong. If you take an outer look you will see we are causing damage in a rapid scale. If you look out of that then you will see nature resiliently reminding us we are a part of it. But we have forgotten this and now we act like aliens trying to dominate this realm. We will definitely do more damage to ourselves that way.

The human need for real connection, attention and understanding is as important as the need for authenticity and expression. We are so conditioned to what others wants from us that we forget what is really important for ourselves. We let go of the need to nurture our spirits and we wonder astray in superficial matters that are seemingly important but disconnect us from our bodies creating pain and sickness. We try to compensate with everything the world has created to give momentary satisfaction, don’t realizing the vicious cycles. Since birth that has been leading our lives in a downward spiral. Sometimes it is too late to stop when we discover what is making us sick, allowing viruses to easily win the battle for our bodies.

There are people negligences but to others inadequacy.

Tierra Monarca.


I think COVID-19 is showing us that we need to change and that it has to be now. But again we don’t want to accept what it might take to actually and radically shift our paradigms, but we are willing to accept the change that someone else in higher power think is good for us. What they are promoting we make it paramount as solutions. I don’t think we are benefitting from any of this. There are people negligences but to others inadequacy. This is a sickness of the heart. We have created a world sick enough to implant in new borns decades of generational and societal trauma, in enough amount to add more disfunction to our modern societies.

You know what I find the most modern, not the advances in technology, but the conservation of the natural way of being that some humans preserved and remembered from our primordial imprint. Our ability to be born and know what we need in order to adapt and develop on Earth like every other animal and plant does. The other day I was asking this question: “What are the basic characteristics of a Human being?” As I was watching the trees and plants surrounding me and realize they are in constant harmony with their environment. They function in synergy with the elements. The majority of us behave in an alien way to this planet. I remembered how some Native Indians did lived in close and sane relationship with their surroundings. So what took us out this state of connection? Maybe some extra-planetary intervention. The point is that we are not living to be part of this planet but living to destroy everything that creates fruitful life.

If you watch flora, fauna and the elements it is easy to appreciate their purpose. If you watch human structures you can feel a sense of disconnection from what our purpose is.

Tierra Monarca.

Now for some reason COVID-19 came to errase massive population, but that is not the only cause of so many deaths. There is also crime, poverty and many forms of sickness that we experience. These are mainly caused by our own mistakes in how we decide to take life. What we are creating out of what we encounter here after we born. We need to realize we are not the hierarchy. This might seem redundant, but we depend on other forms of life to be alive, and I don’t mean in a predatory way. Our societal structure is not made vast and intelligent enough to support us. We need connection, not just between ourselves but with other forms of life. For this, we need to appreciate them with respect as they form part of this intricate design that we live in. It’s ok if wise forms of life don’t support our societal structure. It’s ok if some of the ways we malfunction fail. In order to be part of the planet we might need to let go of the world we are trying to defend so much.

Might the death of many be the catalyst that propel us into the root of the cause. Don’t be confused, it doesn’t have to be the fall of human kind, but the fall of the barriers we’ve created against our legacy of remembrance. Instead of keep being victims of our circumstances let’s remember that we own the right to have our health back.

Tierra Monarca.

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