You Are Not Alone

Dearly Beloved,

You have underestimated your power and capacity to influence change. We have been taught to internalise a feeling of learned helplessness, that things are beyond our control and can’t be changed, it simply isn’t true. Real lasting change arises from within, positively impacting the life of one other person can have profound effects on the grander scheme of co-creation.

The challenges we are currently faced with seem like they are insurmountable, the darkness constantly seeking to devour us. Fear seemingly all around, descending downwards and gripping us to the core of our very being, influencing our thoughts and actions at every turn. When will this fear end? When we decide to respond differently to how we process fear. Fighting is fruitless, what you resist persists. Running away from it generally does not solve it either, burying our head in the sand and denying its existence does not make it go away. We must approach it from a different mindset, accepting it if can’t be changed, see if from a different light. Regardless of where you are at in your life or awakening, please remember that what divides us or causes separation is not of God, our soul is in our keeping alone, absolutely take a look in the mirror and make a change, overhaul your life and shed anything or anyone that no longer serves your highest good, but do it with kindness, love is the way.

If you are surrounded by darkness, or your current lense is filled with despair or hopelessness it means it is time to BEcome the light, allow the metamorphosis to happen, let your fear fuel your soul to become on fire, this is the presence of the holy spirit. The new earth is emerging but it is our responsibility each individually to burn away our past to create the world we want and not be passive passengers. Collectively we are waking up and will claim our inheritance and rightful place in the world. Stay Whole.

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