A really bad experience today with COVID-19 testing

Hey readers, hope you are all good. Below I share an email I sent to COVID-19@flhealth.gov to discuss something about my experience with the most recent PCR test I took.

Hello, my name is Keila. Today I went to Amelia Park in Hialeah, FL. at 9:00 am to get tested for Covid because my travel requires so. After being told I had to take the PCR test for travel I waited in line and I created an account online for the testing. Then a young lady of the military confirmed my ID and released the personal materials they will be using for me at the time of the test. When my turn came one of the women there, a black of large size woman with an African accent if I can tell, (and this is to describe her as best I can because I don’t know her name, and not to discriminate) approached me and told me to lower my mask up to the mouth level. I sensed she was a bit stressed at that time. Then she confirmed it was me and told me to put my head back and so I did. Let me say first that this was not my first time taking a Covid test. I also had to before to be able to work. So I was familiar with the process. It seemed that for her my head was not back enough so she was yelling at me repeatedly put my head back, more, more, more. Until I even had to move my car seatback. All this while she was sticking the long stick of the testing down or up my nose (and I said in both directions because it felt the direction it took was anywhere but where it should be going). Never I felt so uncomfortable before in a Covid test. But uncomfortable was not the problem… what I could not handle was the strong pain I felt after she kept pushing me with her words and pushing that inside. The pain made my body unintentionally react to it so I moved because I felt she pinched me inside and then I knew I was going to see blood later. I moved suddenly while tears came out of my left eye, and she asked me: Are you going to refuse? Because she didn’t care about the struggle and the pain she made me go under. I was like can’t you see you are doing something wrong now!!! But I didn’t even say a word to her, she would not listen. After she was done I got out of there without saying thank you. I thought about their work as I was entering and leaving the place and I was thinking at first, wow so much sacrifice of this people to help others, but then I couldn’t say thank you to her not even in the name of all others because I was in pain and still am. After hours now is almost night and I have already got pieces of blood clots out of my nose. After I left the place in a while I started to feel a deep pain in my upper back, it is like a pain that is coming from inside my chest where my lungs are. After thinking many hours about what can that be and taking the necessary precautions I realized that a blood clot in the lungs can cause that type of pain. I was so scared I started crying and my body immediately reminded breathing exercises by the Iceman that helped me before. So I did like 20 minutes of breathing, some yoga and took 2 aspirins of small dosage because I researched blood thinners could help. Now I feel better thank God but still, the pain can be felt when I move sometimes. I can’t certainly blame the rude and abusive woman for my back and chest pain, tho I am mostly sure it was because of it, but I can certainly call someone’s attention in this matter because if something bad happens to people because of this I would not forgive myself if I said nothing. Be careful you all. I know you are trying to protect citizens but in the meanwhile, other key factors for health are running out of hands. Prioritize the health of your social workers or nurses or those women that deal directly with the testing because if they are not in a condition to deal with a patient they can mess things up greatly with just a Covid test like this. I also have heard of other patient that got blood out of his nose too but with another person in another location. It does not have to be more problematic for people that what already is. I am glad I finally can thank you all for your work. Blessings.

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