Quick update

Every interaction you have that causes an emotion inside the environment you are in can make you sick or healthy, depending if they are positive for you or not and how you react to it. Knowing yourself more can lead you to aim for better, get more depressed or remain the same. We always want to strive for more of what makes us happy, but can be that, we have been conditioned to live a life that is not getting us to a better state of being? A state where we just work with ourselves, instead of against us. Is important now to take the time we have earned, “ like if we had to earn it,” to appreciate what we haven’t had the momentum to see, heard, touch, taste, experience, feel. All in a way where you will have yourself uplifted all the time. Meaning, needs that weren’t meet, will be this time, and hidden ones that are key-factor in our development will be revealed to you. Including these needs in our daily lives will be indispensable for shifting and changing old patterns that we are ready to let go of but couldn’t till now.

Best always, Keila.

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