God’s Way Series – Chapter One

Sometimes we do things that we don’t know are wrong, that is why I ask God for forgiveness and guidance. There is evil disguised as attractive things to the eye. When we choose them and become adapted to them and bad things start to happen we then don’t know why, but it is only because we haven’t realized what we are doing wrong in the first place. Without prejudice, we must ask guidance to God and look within ourselves and see what am I doing wrong? Once you come to the realization don’t freak out by all that is revealed instead ask how I can improve this situation. And trust God will find away. You don’t have to be like other people, or think you will be excluded if you decide to do different and choose differently. Eventually, you will go your own way. Whatever you do, do no harm, practice no evil, repent, and move forward. Repeat. God is waiting for you with open arms.

Remember that power doesn’t come with hormonal arousal expressions, or with vanity afairs, that only makes you a prey of evil. The holy bible no matter how overlooked it is teaches us about codes for living in society. Either we wanted it or not we live on this planet with others like us. The mind uses what we feed on to create our reality. This doesn’t mean it is more powerful than God because he is still sitting on his throne. But we have freedom of choices, and this gives the evil some freedom to act. Learning to be cautious, respectful, and question our desires in search for any evil purpose. This doesn’t mean we are perfect, but it clearly lets well known our capability of making the right choices in God’s favor, which is eventually our own.

Prayer: I now humbly ask for God’s forgiveness, please holy father forgive me. If I did something that was wrong before you. Dear heavenly father in the name of Jesus Christ please take away our sins. I ask for your holy spirit to visit me and allow it in Jesus’ name to take away all my sins and guide me for better ways. I know I may be blind but you are the all-seeing God, all-powerful and all-mighty. Please cleans me and teach me how to be better, how to do better. I want to give you all my trust. I ask you to bless me and bless everybody I know for I sincerely want us to do your will. Thanks for allowing us to be blessed by your holy spirit. In Jesus Christ name I pray, Amen.

Thank you 🙏
With love ❤️ and respect ✊

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