Relativeness in the awakening process.

I have noticed that the more connected we are to a person the more they influence our lives. We are connected to people even if we denied them or not talk with them at all. Like we have desirable connections that aren’t in alignment with who we are, but who we fantasize, desire or aspire to be. There are people like family members and relatives and even friends that affect us even if we are not near them. It is something more than just distance, you are related to them in many ways that can not be easily transcended. What they do affects you and viceversa. Their way of being, of thinking, their lives affect yours. Sometimes those things bring positive aspects but sometimes patterns that damage our wellbeing in a subtle but obvious way. These times brings awareness for the masses. Everyone is seeing the knowledge of others across the world. We are interconnected. The most advantaged ones may think, what can I do from my point of abundance to show people what is possible. They usually base their lifestyle and abilities to show the world who they are and to wake up people. And in fact people are waking up! I see it more and more every day. Some faster than others and more intense than others but it is happening. Something changes inside of them after seeing the injustice and massacres in the world and they decide that they don’t want to live in a world like that anymore. And they feel inspired by a new beautiful lifestyle, that others may promote.

Recognize those who are struggling in the middle of two worlds.

Love Embodiment

For some is easier to transcend than others because as I said, we are all influenced by every family member and all the people that directly have an important role in our lives, even those we don’t want to hear about. Some go far away from the people and things that they feel drag them down, but still you can not unlink yourself just by not being around them and more when you have like an attachment to them in any way. There are all kinds of situations for people in this awakening. I am just saying this because I think it is important to recognize those who are struggling in the middle of two worlds, the old that doesn’t serve us anymore and the new bright one that is more aligned with life itself. But these aren’t separate it is all one, so now integration, balance and harmony is something needed for us to live our lives happy. Some of the people that have a direct impact in your life are the ones that aren’t there as you are, the ones that are in the old world, that means this energy is going to affect you someway directly or indirectly. Some have to deal with a lot of themselves and so do you, like bad karma from family chains, traumas, and those are the ones that are attached to the system of a down, yet, linked to you. And this may be different for everybody, but we can see these things in a new way.

It is ok where you are now. Keep loving who you are to grow into who you are becoming.

Love Embodiment

For those who experience these things, I want you to know that is ok to be wherever you are right now. I know we have our eye open and we see a lot today in how to heal from unhealthy patterns and change our lifestyle for one that is more aligned with the earth, but please don’t put yourself down and allow the change in others by their own pace. If you are struggling to take the next step forward with your changes, know that it is ok to be you, and no matter what you’re being under, you will rise at your own pace. Be thankful for those that inspire you but don’t let them drive you crazy, not everyone has the support and the means to progress so quickly into a paradigm shift. They want to help but usually, their lives are their owns and you are your unique self and that is ok. We live in a place where people from all different backgrounds and cultures are coming to get to know each other bit more. I know it is all going fast-paced right now. I can feel you. We are being paused now but still, everything is going so fast. We want to be in so many things at once, and we are in a place wanting to be in another, and we are with some people but wanting to be with other ones and we are in an environment that doesn’t support the vision is being planted in our minds and hearts. I say to you it is ok, everything will be ok, you don’t need to rush anything unless you feel it is time to do something drastically and that is also ok. You’ve been doing enough already, and you have accomplished a lot these past years. From bad habits and unhealthy relationships to good health and new inspiring people that resonate with your soul purpose.

Accept who you are so you can be who you are meant to be.

Love Embodiment.

We have a mission and it is to help the world transcend, but don’t get caught in other people’s lives like yours doesn’t add value. Each little thing you do count, any help is good. Don’t let yourself get down by other people’s opinions, they talk from their perspective, and usually, they are not going to guide you in your path. It is you the one. Your life circumstances are not the same as those you praise so much. And they won’t see from your side. Many of those people you idolize don’t know what it’s like to be you, and they won’t stand a day in your shoes even if paid, but this is completely ok, you are you, it is your life path to walk, they have their own. It is ok where you are now. Keep loving who you are to grow into who you are becoming. Remember that the best about life is not the destination but the ride. We are going slow but steady. Keep doing your part by helping family members, friends and everyone you have this connection with to evolve and to accept change and to make them feel welcome instead of meaningless in this new world that is opening to so many people. So accept who you are so you can be who you are meant to be. Every version of yourself deserves to be loved. Remember that we want the best for the planet and every living being. So for those that have an important person in their lives that is awakening recognize that they are connected to you, the best you can do, and I am not trying to change you, but the best you can do is to support them with their choices even better if their choices are helping the earth and the world and themselves to be in a better place physically and mentally and spiritually. And don’t forget you are an important part of that growth, a fundamental piece of their journey, your actions affect them and the planet. And for you, my awaken friends recognize who’s been there supporting you and embrace those who you find new soul connections with because they are influencing your life and vice versa. The truth is we all are part of the same truth but unique in our way. Peace and love for you 🙏


All my experiences are personal, this is a personal blog. With this I mean do not take for absolute truth everything I say here. This is not intended to be medical or psychological advice for anybody. If you need therapy or help search for a certified physician and/or a doctor that can help you. What I share here in the blog is only for tracking my progress and for those who resonate with it. If you don’t feel fully related to any of this content please do not take my word for advice. Takes what resonates with you and what serves you. I am not a professional offering their services to the public. I am just a woman that works with friends sharing our life experiences and insights with the world for whom this may serve. Thank you.
Best always, Keila.

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