The menstrual cycle and the 7 major chakras.

In every menstrual cycle, we release fears and traumas out of the body. That is why we feel so emotional expressing feelings. I do this post because there are so much shame and guilt around this topic, so much misunderstanding that I found it disrespectful. Look at this as a blessing, an opportunity. We are so fragile as women but don’t be mistaken, water can shape rocks. We women are represented as strong because the sensitive and the more subtle energies have a lot of power. True strength isn’t in how muscular we are, there is a greater power than that, mostly it comes with surrender and faith and humility and openness to the divine and God, to flow instead of dominate, to let it go instead of control. This goes to everybody because men may not bleed but there are ways for them to release energy, fears, and traumas, and we as a whole work together meaning when women bleed they are balancing the earth. And talking outside of the menstrual cycle, personal healing is collective healing always anyways.

At the time a woman is bleeding she will release all these different emotions, which is like a realignment of the chakras. With this blood getting out of the body is a healing of the chakras happening. This helps the root chakra to release a lot of fear and allow us to remain centered and grounded. Also, the sacral chakra is healing at this time, this releases feelings of being powerless and out of control, as well the need to dominate and control others. And I experience all this healing when I am on my period. I can understand why all these feelings are coming out of me and instead of judging me or another person I can be there holding space and allowing this sacred process to release and clean my energy to help the healing process. We may feel weak at this time and as the period affects all of our body the solar plexus chakra also is being realigned, frees us from anger, hostility, and rage. This chakra represents our emotional being and that is why it creates more problems than any other chakra it relates to the liver, spleen, stomach, gall bladder and pancreas. Knowing this you can notice how having a menstrual cycle affects these areas in the body, usually cleaning them, by stopping ourselves from eating too much, fasting, or eating more fruits that are very light for our intestines, or maybe expressing a lot of emotional trauma by making us realize about our emotional eating disorders. Our bodies teach us how to find the balance within ourselves. What it is facts for me is that it regulates our bodies.

Allowing ourselves to feel all of this is a great example of the opening and realignment of our higher chakras to the menstrual cycle. Using our heart center to feel compassion and love for ourselves and others only comes more strongly after experiencing bleeding, even more, when it’s painful and uncomfortable. I have noticed the most heart chakra openings inside a painful period. It is ok to scream, to cry if needed, the throat chakra is being realigned also here letting us heal from judgment, criticism, and fear of communication. You may notice how in the period women express a lot more open in different ways. With the third eye chakra, we can see all this process as an opportunity for healing guiding us to spiritual growth and also noticing everything that comes out without judgment. And to send intention of healing as this occurs. The crown chakra also has time to open up more now when the woman is bleeding, her energy will influence everything around her. In this chakra, the healing occurs by letting ourselves be more connected to God, to our higher self and spirit and to see what in our lives is harmonious, the things that we love and the things we don’t, what we feel grateful for at this moment and how to connect with that peace of mind that we all desire. Inviting us to pray and communicate our troubles to God. All of this is intensified at the time one woman has their period. Because is a natural process that aids in the wellbeing of the woman’s body and spirit and also the collective. Women emanate subtle energies that are more powerful when in their periods. As we allow our natural cycles to occur we will gain more wisdom to adapt to our bodies. Feelings of hate against it will only perpetuate disorders and diseases in our lives. To be connected to a woman that is in this state is to be around very powerful and beneficial energy if we learn how to see and connect with its healing power we will make the most out of it not only for our women but relationships and so the world. I could say women are the most potent purifiers of the world, but the truth is, it’s everyone responsibility.

Best always, Keila.

Listening to this meditation to help you align your chakras, takes away confusion, turmoil, worry, anxiety, cramps and any discomfort.


The Healing Energy of Your Hands

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