Earth’s Ultimatum

One of the biggest issues humanity has to confront right now is the inability of each individual to live by sustainable and self-sufficient agricultural ecosystems. We’ve taken away our focus from planting our food and having a meaningful connection with what we put in our bodies. In consequence, we go ungrounded trying to make sense of our lives out of something that doesn’t resonate with the frequency of this planet.

The earth is the womb we all share that follows after mom’s womb. Here is our turn to gain knowledge in how to use life energy in benefit for ourselves, others and the world. If we instead behave like a threat to the consciousness that holds our aliveness, we become parasites that suck and destroy all that it is given leaving death, disaster, and garbage in our way and in consequence having situations where we’ll feel like that also. Some say the earth will feed on our bodies after we die like the way we feed on her now. I am saying it makes no difference for the earth the substance of our dead bodies. What makes the earth rich is how much in harmony we are with it while we are alive, for the health of the planet is our own.

We will not save a life if that life is continuously damaging the earth nor if we go against the natural world propitiating waste and contamination. But we sure can learn and teach how to live in a supportive environment that is in harmony with the frequency of the earth. We can create a community of hearts in tune with that resonance. So much will be disregarded that we don’t need. Surely this will create the necessary space for life energy to take place. But first, let’s empty our cup.

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