10 Essentials To Bring With You Anywhere.

Hello there. I am shining light today on the essentials to bring with you anywhere. These are a must-have for our journey and they are reachable since they are inside of each one of us. It’s kind of like having superpowers but don’t knowing we have. To use them we need to commit to ourselves, kind of like a covenant. We need to get to an agreement with ourselves through internal work. In this blog I will share with you 10 of these essentials. I hope you feel inspired and know that being your unique self is super. Let me know in the comments what you think after reading these basics. Share with me how you feel in your journey, and what you feel your superpowers are. 🙂

1- Be patient with yourself and others.

To be patient takes time and effort, the more you are willing to practice, the more growth you will experience. Life is like a recompilation of memories building your whole reality. The more you are willing to unlearn and make the internal work, the farther you will go in life. We are interrelated beings, all of our experiences are happening at the same time on this earth, we share the same air, we eat mostly similar foods, ones in different states of mind than others but it is all coming from the earth. Building compassion towards yourself brings compassion to other forms of life. You are a form of life sharing the same space that we all share. Having patience for those around you it is always helpful for the growth of each individual. That is a way in which other people open to you to share their part in this life. Maybe what they have to say is what you need to listen to. Maybe by listening to them, you will receive messages and answers from your self. Patience is key, we need the patience to coexist. Take the time for your wellbeing, there is nothing more important than that and be patient, to be patient is to care.

2- Make good relationships.

You are not alone. There are people you could have interactions with. Open yourself to them and they will do the same. You can be polite, or well behaved but most of all, be yourself. I’ve notice that a connection doesn’t have to happen with everyone you meet or know. Relationships are base on connection, the more you connect with someone the longer that relationship will last. It doesn’t matter how long in distance they may be from you, you will always find ways back to them and vice versa. Now what makes a relationship good is not the time you have known a person. People are in our lives until they need to be. Remember we are on a journey. What makes a relationship good is how open and receptive we show to each other while the connection is there. And we can only do that by having that same openness and reception reciprocated, from our self and/or from someone in our lives. These relationships will get you far. Also, bad relationships are pointing us to reclaim our way. So don’t be afraid of confrontation, instead allow them to rise where you can see them, this can indicate that you need to work on yourself because every relationship outside is pointing something to our internal world.

3- Go places.

Take risks. We learn the most through experience. Be adventurous and trust that God has your back. This is a difficult one for me personally if I feel surrounded by fears. Sometimes I feel small compared with all the fearful thoughts my mind creates. But afterlife experiences I have encountered I will strongly recommend going out there, you will realize if you do good, that the world can be a beautiful place where there are people that will feel like family to you. In your journey, the places you will be will trigger all kinds of sensations in your body like having epiphanies, like a moment of sudden revelation or insight, this is when you know this moment had been prepared for you before. The assurance of this experience is like a positive declaration intended to give confidence; a promise, it gives confidence or certainty in one’s abilities. The more you practice being out of your comfort zone the more you will discover the world and find out that what was missing, was not missing, but have always been there, waiting for you to go and make it happen.

4- Share what you know.

Being inspired and inspire happens equally. When we get inspiration out of something or someone that creates a ripple effect on us to inspire others. Sharing what you know is a good way of doing that and being grateful for the knowledge you receive from others as well. Let’s pause for a moment. Put a hand in your heart and another one in the air and say out loud this affirmation: “ I ———(your name) ——-— give thanks now to all the people that have put even a bit of truth, love, and knowledge out there for me to receive.” And then placing your both hands in the air give thanks again and bless them as you release this energy from your heart to theirs. This is a good way to send magical healing for the collective. Some people today share so many things that don’t bring us any good. While others share great things for all. Let’s focus on sharing more of what will add to us freedom, happiness, and love.

5- Be positive.

Having a positive attitude guarantees a successful outcome. Taking an aptitude like, “no matter if you achieve what you want or not, you will remain positive to the possible outcome,” doesn’t mean you will be sad with the results, but ok, it means you release all kinds of expectations, and let things unfold with ease. This allows you to be happier by living the present moment. It may be possible and usually happens that the way you expected to be is way less magnificent that the way it is going to be. Allowing any kind of intervention without resistance takes us all to the next level. Consciousness has always been part of this game. God is aware. Even if a great part is an unconscious process, at some point you will face this big wave and the way to go, maybe, is going underneath and finding there is a quiet stillness in the apparent chaos and then you will rise again. The way is through, be positive.

6- Put your intentions to work.

Set intentions. Intentions are like plans, the steps we take internally to manifest our purpose. To work with them is to be able to create what we want to see in our reality. Sometimes we feel not in control, we may feel lost, misunderstood or left aside. One way to take your power back is by setting intentions. They have to be clear and lovely made. Why lovely because love is the most powerful force there is, I will say. Remember water shapes rocks. So with a clear focus start writing down some intentions, and then say it out loud. Or you could just say it without writing them. Examples of intentions are: 

I intend to forgive myself and others.

I intend to love and be loved.

I intend to use my power for good.

I intend to experience infinity.

I intend to experience the divine.

I intend to see us as one.

I intend to love God.

I intend to be happy in the present moment.

I intend to enjoy life.

I intend to live in harmony with nature.

I intend to enjoy the work I do.

I intend to heal myself and others.

I intend to make meditation a more important part of my lifestyle.

I intend to be open to success and abundance. 

I intend to be a singer.

You could make any intentions you want that will bring healing and positive energy to your life. Intentions can be a fertilizer for our growing, once you start making them consciously. Intentions can heal a wound. They are like a passive income source, we set them and we let them grow and expand until they are manifested in our reality.

7- Materialize your heart desires.

When you want something no amount of danger, failures or fears will separate yourself from that, you will always lean towards it. Materializing your heart desires is like a destiny call pointing you in the right direction, one that may be different from what everyone is expecting. You will hear people encouraging you to do certain things they think are best for you but if your heart is not into it it won’t be long-lasting. So I will say that your will is the power behind bringing your heart desires to reality. How willing are you to go for it will give you wings when you thought you could not take another step. 

8 – Have faith, trust and believe in yourself.

You are the creator of your life, you have free will. You will be facing all kinds of situations that will make you feel many emotions and feelings. This may change your approach in life and the course of the same, but you won’t ever forget what is true for you. And though it may be challenging, every situation will get you closer to your truth. So have faith in what is guiding you from the inside. Trust that no matter what happens your will be a step closer every time. Believe in yourself. Everything is working for your highest good. Whatever you do, do it from your heart and seek the word of God.

9 – Make the most with what you have.

What you have may count as all the possession you own. This could be your resources like time, money, material objects… Think about everything you may own now… Those things are manifestations of your mind. You may have things now that you wished to have in the past that today you don’t appreciate as much. You may also have somethings that thought they’re old still have an important meaning and value to you. Imagine yourself walking a path, that path is leading you somewhere. You may know where you are going, sometimes you may not, but you walk anyway. Now imagine bringing all your possession to this travel with you and ask yourself will this make it more helpful for me? Will all these things I own serve me to walk the path? Or it will just be a heavy burden to bear? Are these things making me feel heavier? Is there some meaning in bringing them with me? It is necessary? Do I want to? If so, why? Keep asking yourself questions until you find discernment between what you need and what you do not anymore. Going along this path, you will realize what you need and what you don’t need anymore, but you do need to be conscious and ask the right questions. You will realize, the more you question yourself, that all you need is already inside you, within you.

10 – Dream big and make the dream come true

I have a dream” We’ve heard that phrase before. Being said by great people that did great things in life. We all dream all kinds of weird stuff, but there is a kind of dream that we can call a heart desire, is in your soul like a mark, like a tattoo. That is the kind of dream I refer to. What makes a dream reachable is us acting towards our own beliefs. What we believe shapes our lives. God is always seeing everything that is happening. The universe is aligning with your will every moment. What it takes to make a dream happen is a strong determination fused with the nurturing of our ideas. This brings the universal energy to act in our favor. It’s our own making, it’s valid to add that a dream may be a map for your life path. To know if a dream is true to you connect first with your heart desire. Make sure to clean your mind and body from everything that is not serving you and allow the manifestation to take place by living your dream even before it comes to fruition. We use to hold to strong emotions and that doesn’t serve us, that is why I said clean the heart so the best outcome for your dream can be manifested. 

Best always, Keila.

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