A Sacred Space

The topic shared in this post is a personal experience so obviously, only I will understand the true depths of it, but I thought I’d share anyway. A little context, for those not familiar with cacao, it is the rawest form of chocolate, originating in the Amazon basin, the Olmecs domesticated it over 4000 years ago, right down to the Aztecs, and Mayans it was used in religious ceremonies to commune with their gods. It was considered so exceptionally valuable that they used it as currency and warriors rewarded with it after a battle. The Spanish eventually turned up and destroyed the native civilisations and appropriated the cacao bean, bringing it back to Europe, the rest is history! Cacao is still used across central and southern America, and a few years ago I would have had to travel to those regions to attend a ceremony lead by a local shaman, however, fortunately for me, capitalism has done a sterling job in bringing it to me for a nominal sum. The difference between cacao and ceremonial grade cacao is the method in which it is grown and processed; it’s a very conscious process. For more information on ceremonial cacao, you’ll have to do the research!

Back to the story! Following a recent conversation with an online friend who reminded me that to fully experience the effects of ceremonial cacao, I would have to set sacred space. Proceeding with this intention in mind, I began to prepare the cacao. As music is a helpful way to get energy moving my next move was to choose an appropriate playlist on Spotify, however before I could do this a song from another playlist that I was listening to came on which stunned me. The original playlist was in shuffle mode and comprised of songs from all genres imaginable. The song in question was, “Thank you for your blessings” by Beautiful Chorus. (You can listen to that here for a better understanding https://youtu.be/7d98IJCnm7w ) As I listened to the lyrics I knew I’d connected to the cacao spirit; the feedback loop was reflecting that. Any doubt remaining was destroyed when the next song by Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway started, “Where is the love.” Without going into too much detail, the music was used as a vehicle to transmit a message to me that I would understand based on its relevancy. Suffice to say, the playlist stayed on, and I had a productive afternoon with a warm glowing feeling inside. The moral of the story, plant medicines are incredibly healing and capable of teaching us many lessons, but we need to honour them with the respect they deserve. I think it says a lot about the health and culture of people not only now but back when the Spanish appropriated the cacao bean, what they decided to do with it next. Instead of utilising it as the ancient civilisations had for thousands of years before, they decided to change it entirely because the taste was too bitter until all it became was a sweet treat enjoyed by the monarchies across Europe, it became unrecognisable from its original form. As it’s only been a few hundred years, minimal progress has been made with regards to spiritual realisation, but we are getting there slowly, more people are awakening. There’s no rush of course; we only have ♾️ infinity, may as well play around in different potentials.

So there it is, always set intentions beforehand on what you want to achieve, feel it first, and you shall receive/experience it.

Cacao is pretty amazing at helping rid us of any internal knots we may have. It is a holistic medicine; it benefits the spirit, mind, emotions and the body.

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