Our visit to the Fruit & Spice Park in South Miami.

We went to see the Fruit & Spice Park in Homestead, Florida. With only one hour left to enjoy the park, I was a bit concerned that they didn’t let us enter. But the lady who received us after charging us $10 dollars each was kind enough to give us a next free visit for us to go any other day. Also she also let us try egg fruit ( Canistel ), star fruit, black sapote, sour guava and a map. We entered the place with a lot of excitement to see the trees and hopefully to find some fruit.

Some rules of the park are, don’t pick any fruit from the trees just eat the ones that have fallen. You are not allowed to take any fruit with you outside the park, and the park closes at 5:00 pm. So we walked and we saw many different varieties of trees like mamey, sapodilla, black sapote, different kinds of bananas, cacao inside of a green house along with other spices. We kept going and that was when we finally found this amazing jackfruit on the earth next to its tree. A normal person would dismiss that fruit because it mostly looked like it was overly ripe, but Kevin knew that this jackfruit had some good parts inside. And I trusted him. As soon as we opened we found that was right. Oh my God how sweet it was and so satisfying!

We couldn’t finish it all. We didn’t want to leave it behind but we were running out of time and the park had just a few minutes left before it closed to the public. So we left some of the jackfruit as we walked to see more of the other plants and to find our way out of there. Some of the other plant varieties were mango trees, palm trees, guava trees, a jaboticaba tree, and cactuses. We also enjoyed eating a very sweet star fruit.

The next day

We went to the park the very next day. I live in Hialeah FL, so that is about 40 minutes with good traffic to get there. We recorded a video to show you about it HERE I could write more about our experience, but instead I’ll recommend you to watch the video 😊 Enjoy!

We left with peace and love in our hearts after that experience, knowing that such a place exists and is open to the public. We wished it didn’t have to be just one park but that our surroundings and environments could be like that one providing fruit and all kinds of nourishment to all living beings. I wish we could be more connected to the natural world that our health craves for so much. We can start growing our own food and learning to be more self-sufficient within our bond with the earth, because we know that planting a tree or growing food in a sustainable way, like permaculture, means to use life energy in a positive way for this world and so to us. 🙏

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