The making of The Treasure, an original song.

How I wrote and recorded an original song and made a music video in less than a half a day while doing other labors in the house and dealing with mental struggle.

First I have to say it is an honor to share this with you. Time ago I didn’t even have the tools to do this but now thanks to God I can. And it feels great to do it.

I been doing this song since this afternoon on Sunday, December 29, 2019. I had no idea what the outcome would be, but I was exited to put these ideas in the making. Not all was fluent at first, it was raining, but I said I want to do this so the rain stopped and I went outside and I started recording since I left home.

All the recording is in the surroundings of the neighborhood and mostly in parks and recreational areas. It was fun. Then after that I have no idea how I will edit the whole thing because I have no experience with multiple recordings at once. Usually I just record myself once singing along a karaoke or some background music from YouTube. But this time it was my song so I used only what I knew I could do to make it like only I could. I made it sound simple just my voice as it is now (after going through a respiratory infection and a detox) and some sound from clapping my hands against my chest and thigh. There are some background noises like cars sounds that you can hear too. But overall I think this is a success, success over doubt and fear, and limited beliefs. Success over sickness and depression and anxiety. Because this inspires me to do something that comes from my heart and that I enjoy doing. Hope you enjoy it too.

Best Always, Keila.

Here are the lyrics:

 The Treasure - Original Song 
To Understand what you do to me
I will give, I will go, I will trust and search
Through the land, through the world, through the open sea.
I will go and search for a love like this.
Is in yourself and you got it so you can give out to me.
Is in myself so I found it now I am gonna give it all back back back back to you.
I will go, through all eternity if I have to do
Just to see how the wonders lie inside my heart.
I know is the truth, and I got it , and it’s always gonna be
You gotta know oh oh that you can count on me

Come on let’s fly together
Cuz the day is already here
I will search the world
Just to find, just to see what it’s in me
Come on let’s come together In a home that’s already here
Let’s go to find the treasure
That is already, already, already inside of you
That is already inside of me babe...

With Love, Keila.

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