Self love ~ God given purpose ~ Divinely guided ~ Love embodiment.

“When you’re going to build something, you choose the best materials to create that in mind. Putting your heart into it and choosing the most suitable tools for the labor. In the creation process you make sure to use beautiful colors combinations and marvelous shapes for the design. Giving it all you got knowing it will be useful for a purpose. After you’re done, you contemplate it. You feel grateful. An immense love for that which you created fills your heart space. You build it so it will do its function correctly. There are no mistakes in your work, and you have taken good care of that. – “I am faithful through all the work, there are no doubts in my mind that this is one of my most precious creations.”- (You thought out loud) Because it is your work after all. Now every time you see it you feel good about yourself because that comes from you and in some way it is part of you. You take care of it every day. You clean it if is needed. You use it. Maybe you play with it and have some fun. Maybe it is really useful in your day to day life. Maybe you also enjoy how others benefit from its utility. But most of all it has an important meaning for you and it plays an important role in your life because it is the result of your love, faith, effort, abilities and energy. It is the result of your beliefs, hopes and wishes. It represents the manifestation of your ideas. A dream come true. A blessing. Something beautiful. Your treasure. Something that makes you believe more in you, in the source of your own existence.”

“That is what we are for God. We are its treasure. Loving us as part of itself. And every one of each is beautiful in a unique and unrepeatable way. We all came from this desire and power. And each one of God’s perfect creations has its own awareness, aliveness and consciousness because we must get to realize this. We as its creation have the same blueprint in our DNA. We come from it. We are divine beings perfectly made and we can claim this truth always. Believing that we are part of its blessing. Wherever we are now we know by God given purpose how to contribute in spreading grace in all limitless ways. That is what we are made for. 

Why we are here? We are here to see that, as works of supreme greatness it is our own construction that is taking place right now and right here. To recognize this truth allows us to embody the vibration of what we already are, the most powerful force, love.”

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