Being sick 😷 what to do about it 😣😖😓

Stop being afraid of detox symptoms!

People usually try to stop a detox from happening in many different ways. It can be by suppressing the feelings with pain killers. Or by not paying attention to the signs in their bodies. This way may give them a relieve for a while, but that only makes it worse.

“To get the body used to these drugs is to deny the part of ourselves that can heal by itself.”

We are our own doctors.

The majority of us are not in a place where we can heal fast, because there is a lot of us that have been doing things in a very perjudicial way for long enough in our lives. We need time to heal and we certainly need attention first from ourselves. To give us the attention we deserve in order for the healing to take place. Let me say healing is not something that is going to be beautiful, but it can be if we decide to put love into the process, but it is more than just that.

Image by Pixabay

In this process of healing is ok to allow us to be present with what is going on within. There are not short cuts and we can not escape from it. So please for those who don’t know yet that pills 💊 drugs and some treatments are not a solution STOP 🛑 ✋ buying into the immediate relief and start going deep into what make you sick 🤕 in the first place.

“Healing is a process of purging and detaching from the things we don’t really need, from the things that doesn’t serve us or doesn’t belong to us and/or in us.”

The body intelligence wants you to stay healthy. That is why it does what it does.

Giving you time to heal 😌🥀🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔🌹

Start searching what you can do to give your body a rest from toxic food, places and people. Yes if we get sick and we hide and suppress and ignore we can become toxic to others too and to our environment also. We end up in some 😔 cases with irreversible diseases and even death. We must allow death but the death of bad habits and self destructive behaviors. In that way we also allow life to fill our cells.

Image of myself.

So my advice is feel, pay attention, listen, search for the truth, give yourself time and stick with what is more compassionate towards you and others beings and feels good to do in general, be kind. Some people just to sell something or to make their business work, will make you do horrible things to yourself and when your body starts to sending signals like something is wrong here they will give you some supplement or some analgesic or get you into some treatment. Yeah your body can be sick 😷 but the way to heal it is not in giving you a momentary relieve. It is better to stop paying attention to those that doesn’t care about your healing but just care about their revenue. Those that don’t know the way to the sacred union. The union between the spiritual and the physical body and its subtle ways. Only that can allow us to function correctly in this world.

Image by Pixabay

Recognize your divine connection 🙏❤️

First you have to recognize your connection to God, to the creator. You do this by paying attention to and recognizing that such amazing creation is a work that only an intelligent beyond our imagination can do and that we are part of it. Then you see yourself as a part of God and align with truth. Then you need to be aware of what is going on inside you, and what is best for aligning with such harmonious creation that to make the necessary changes within you by recognizing that you are in control of what goes inside and out of you. Do the best work you can for your own health. Immerse into the natural way of the earth to discover what makes you part of this creation. Our nature is to be healthy and to be one with our bodies and to love ourselves so we can do the same for others. This allow us to heal, so others can do the same. Life is much more beautiful when we do this.

Image by Pixabay

Every situation is different for every person. But most of us are going through a lot of similar situations. Dealing with works we don’t like, feeling out of place, suffering, going day to day struggling with our health, eating the wrong kind of foods that contribute to all the caos inside and in our surroundings, supporting this bad choices every single day and feeling victimized after all. Most of us believe something that is not helping us but that is going against our bodies, our health and our experience of life. We need to differentiate between what make us live in agony and what make us live with joy. We are here for a reason I always say that. And it is definitely not a mistake. Because if you observe creation you will see how a dance is happening in universe, like how there is a connection between every living organism. And that is one of the advices from me to you to align to this dance and feel the subtle energetic vibrations that are all around us and to follow the ones that bring you the most aliveness. You are not alone, we are all dancing with you.

Best always, Keila.

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