How to stop being constipated

More than what we do is what there is to do”

Functioning correctly is key to our wellbeing, so is the things that we allow to go into our bodies. If we want to achieve more or just to feel at peace in the moment we need to be healthy.

Two weeks ago started the Season at my work. There is a lot to do and we worked more than 12 hours some days. There are people that can barely take it. I thought I wasn’t going to until I did. Thank God. But going through that makes me see how strong God made me in every challenge. All those days under stress I’ve been letting myself go with addictions to unhealthy foods. My body was asking more and more of me and I was in a lot of pain not only physically but mentally and emotionally drained.

After work pic

There is no one there to rescue you from yourself. Except God. You have to take responsibility for your own health. I know working in those kind of environments is frustrating sometimes and you just want to eat things that are aligned with that frustration and pain but if we keep doing that we are only make things worse. For someone that it is not used to eat fruit or greens it will be more difficult to start doing that in order to restore their bodies and to feel better. For this we need to recognize first this signs in our bodies that say hey something is going wrong with you. Usually that gets reflected in headaches, heartaches, flu, fever, feeling bad and sick. That is the body acting to clean itself from toxins and over accumulation of waste inside.

It is true our inside reflects our outside. There are things we can’t control but definitely we can choose what we eat and think. And that brings solutions for ourselves.

Sometimes the last place we look is inside

How we act it is base upon what we allow to get inside us. No bad drama, karma o trauma that can’t be healed with God and good fuel.

I suffer from being constipated. Not pooping or peeing enough but eating a lot of processed dry foods. I suffer from choosing to eat bread instead of eating a fruit. From keeping my body from having the best I struggle. The good news is that I see this and I can make a change. Investing in my health. Because it seems like no ones here care about that. But we do, and we must for our own sake do somethings about it.

After work pic

What I do to get myself back on track. And what things the body is always doing for this.

1 – Buy fruit. Get your house with good fruit like oranges, apples, bananas, grapes, plums and all kind of good fruit you find. Oh watermelon is a good one and pineapple I love. Do this and you will substitute the dry foods and your body will be hydrated and more happy.

2 – Get some produce from your favorite grocery store or a local farm business like vegetables, greens and don’t just buy to have them there but buy what you will eat remember those things can go to waste if you don’t use them.

3 – Have a juicer to get the most out of them in order to stop being constipated this is a good idea. That way you will have a way to nurture yourself and things will move in your intestines. Drinking juice makes healing happen faster and effective.

The body will always do his work to keep you alive. What you think it may be an illness must be the body undoing so much damage that you did to yourself by eating the food and behaving in ways you think was healthy for you.

1 – First of all your body is not your enemy. Learn to listen to him noticing what is not right for you. Stop paying attention to what you know is unhealthy any type of bad habits, like watching something that is taking your attention but doesn’t bring you any good. Or doing something outside of God’s way. And with this I mean to listen what is his guidance.

2 – Notice if you have any pain and be careful about it talk with a holistic health expert can help but sometimes that advice that will save your life can come from any source we just need to know what to pay attention to.

3 – Do something for yourself first. Benefit you before benefiting others this means giving you what you know is best and then see what you can do for them. And don’t worry so much, trust that God watch over everyone and everything.

With that I think your will know what to do to if you feel constipated anytime. Oh and last but not least there are teas that are laxatives that can help you get rid of the waste in your intestines. Search for those and have it in your day off because that will make you poop a lot. That reminds me:

Copping with life’s hardships means to leave behind self-indulgent attitudes and focus on restoring yourself one step at a time.

We all are leaving behind what does not serve us and mending what is right. Is never to late to change for the better. And then the better will become the norm, and that will be your day to day life towards healthier fields.

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