Dealing with health issues

Where to start?! This is something to talk about. And I think we all should be listening more. But what brought me to talk about health? Look I see everyday people who are in agony and pain, even ones that look healthy on the outside are suffering with different uncomfortable things in their body. It is sad to see them not feeling at easy in their own bodies. So that is what makes me want to talk about this. Usually people don’t want to listen to what is really going on under the pain. That is why there is pain in the first place. Is ok to feel pain sometimes but not to be in a state of constant agony or becoming a rolling stone of physiological trauma devastating everything and everyone including yourself on the way. We are so many, but the fortunate is that we are more similar than what we think we are. Correcting issues in our body comes down to simplifying ones life. Because that gives us the space and time to deal with our own crap.

In today’s world for the majority of us everything seems so stressful. We feel is unfair the way we live, we think ourselves as victims of what we can’t control. Things scape from our hands. Especially for immigrants, things sucks. People work in low paying jobs and where the effort is sometimes extreme. With this I mean life sucking jobs. You won’t see that energy coming back to you with the same value. Is life we are giving away. And after we pass we don’t take with us any of the things we use to buy with that energy. But oh we learn. Sure we learn. But learning is not all that matters sometimes unlearning is what is needed for one to heal. And I know I am skipping a lot of info but. There is no time now and I want to give this message as short and fast as I can. Because it is needed. Every time I try to talk with anyone about health they don’t want to listen. They make jokes about me and they laugh like if their lives were like that, a joke. But what happens is, that they are suffering not only in their bodies but in their relationships with others. We say we all have problems. I say there is a solution to every situation you’re going through. To solve anything you need to listen to yourself and with that I don’t meant the brain or the heart but your intuition, what this tells you?

The world is happening against our natural way. It is going in a direction that is self destructive. And I don’t know why. I mean is not that I am not saying that what is awaiting for us outside will be amazing. I am just saying that while we are here we could use our instincts to protect and co-create something amazing that makes our life path bearable. Why we aren’t teaching this in the system. We are telling histories instead of what matters the presents moment. We take away happiness and replaced it with responsibility. I think both of this two need to coexist at the same time in order for us to function at our best potential. I am not saying than there aren’t cases of people who are like this. But what I am seeing is a lot of people who are also decaying, they give away their lives and what they receive is pain and lies.

I recommend to education that they start to teach what will make us live to our full potential. I ask to security that they secure every environment from our auto destructive manner and start protecting nature but not by controlling but by allowing union to happen. Come on we are more than just hate and resentment. We are love. We must learn to love and unlearn what is not serving us to become a better human being. Please do something for your = our health. Let go the pain, the suffering, the self destructive thoughts and feelings. And start adding self love and decreasing apocalyptic behaviors. I will recommend this YouTube channel for guidance on this self love path Raw Healing Mastery May this help you to start reinventing yourself with an open mind and loving heart.

Best always, Keila.

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