Loving someone

Loving someone is a gift that we must embrace. Every act of love comes out from a true desire to explore the other person’s feelings and letting them into our life to be explored by them. Finding similarities and polarities, seeing what is in them and letting them see what is in you with or without judgment. It’s all part of growing.

When a true connection happens, hearts can not be contained. It doesn’t matter the impossibilities, their hearts will always find a way to meet and connect. Energies can be similar in peoples bodies, expressions can amaze us from someone. Different people have a different way of seeing and doing things, but when a connection happens is more than just that. It’s not only the resonating energy, it is not only the greatest talents, it is not the finest possessions that they share, it is not even the admiration that they have for each other. It is the total surrender of that love. It is the choosing of that connection for above all. It is the emissions and the embracing of interrupted calling vibrations that emanate from one heart to the other that keep a connection going. When something is meant to happen we need surrender to accept it. When we surrender we don’t have to agree or be at the same level, we just accept what it is. When you can have a love connection that no matter what you always surrender to it and can be devoted to it. When you don’t have to know everything to know that you love that person then you commit everyday to do things that prove that love, not because it is not true and we need to make it believable, but prove it because to love them is like waking up and having a spirit and soul that can feel the everything. Is like you are there for each other no matter what.

Your body knows. Your soul knows when you can be open to someone. But first you have to be in contact with yourself, if you do this you will attract someone that also knows who they are. We are sensitive beings, we share our vibrations always in all moments even if we are not aware of this, it is happening at all times. As we set our intentions we let it clear what we want. As we pray we seal it. Relationships can flourish thanks to our openness and sincerity. And it can bear good fruit only if both sides are committed and give their trust completely to this connection and to God first. There is unconditional love that we can love everyone and see them as a part of ourselves, but you will find as you love deeply a kind of love that protects, guards, defends the other person, a love that created boundaries based on trial and error, a love that wants to work things out, a love that knows how to find the middle ground when it goes to extremes, a love that cares, that provides a shield and a sword if needed, a love that screams I love you in infinite ways, a love that never ceases to exist and travels with the union to infinity.

It says that we can only love someone as we love ourselves. Each day we get to know something about us that expands our vision. In life we know that is not only what people want you to be but what you want to create for yourself. With this awareness of who you are you can cultivate based on love and bring lovely things into fruition. Fear sometimes find its way into the relationship through anyone but I don’t see fear as something in the way of a love connection. I see fear as something that destroys what is in the way of the greatest love of all and the most beautiful experience of Union that life will bring to us. Pain also finds its way into the union but I don’t see pain as something bad. I see pain as something that is going to open you up to experiencing the biggest breakthroughs and blessings of your life something that eventually will lead to this love that is for you. Love encounters, good fortune, path finding, divine connection, lucrative investments, and sacred union are not the gifts. These are the rewards. The gifts are already within you. They are keys and I already mentioned some of them. The gifts are your feelings and your values.

These keys will open the door to this wonderful connection. The union to yourself and the other part of you. Your twin flame. Your soul mate. The two in one. The one in two. The all in one. The ultimate expression of the One in all. The greatest love of all. There is more to say, to write, to communicate and to express because the love experience goes on. Thank you for reading me and for your time. This journey is worth to be shared, you are worthy of love. You are love. Embrace yourself.

Love embodiment.

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