I am happy in the present moment.

I’m happy just feeling my body and the energy, the good energy that surrounds me and flows from my inside to my outside. Expanding to my surroundings in to the space. It feels like warms waves of pure intention and divine force. It feels like I give as I am open to receive. It feel special and yet so simple. It feels pure and yet mixed with all kinds of flavors. That is why we can taste life. Is like light show us. Is like darkness let us feel. It is a feeling, the feeling of self-love, of self-consciousness, of self appreciation. This is unconditional love! I’m feeling grateful. I can breathe, I’m alive! Is this special? Yes! Every day of my life is a celebration. Is a giving and is a receiving of this blessed experience of harmony, where there is always an equilibrium in everything. In this pleasant experience, where I am available to feel loved and to give love and to grow every day of my life. It feels magic, surprising, amazing, vigorous, full of passion and power of light. Is like the never ending flame of intention and like the infinite waves of consciousness that merges with one another to create, give and receive abundantly emanating from the life source filling all void with an everlasting flow of renewable force. This is appreciation! This is a self created moment and it is significant and it will bring changes into the life we live. Change is always well received for those who know how to love. We praise and give thanks to God. Thank you Jesus Christ for the awareness of having you in my heart.

Amen 🙏🏼

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