Finding Your Life Purpose – Aligning with God’s Plan

Now more than ever we need to be asking ourselves the very important question: “What am I doing with my energy?”

Most people in society are using their energy to work jobs that they don’t enjoy, for corporations that harm the planet, so that they can use their hard-earned money to consume things that are unhealthy for their mind, body, emotions, and spirit. People are wasting their energy and feeling totally drained at the end of the day, and as a result their health suffers and the planet suffers. This is the ‘grind’ or the downward energy spiral that most people are caught in today. It is essentially a lose-lose.

But there is a much better use of our energy. We can apply our energy in ways that give us joy. Ways that truly contribute to the wellbeing of all living things. Ways in which we can use our natural God-given talents. Ways where we can be supported by those who appreciate us and see the value of our special gifts. Not only is this a possibility, it is a basic necessity and our birthright as children of God to live in this way that brings us fully to life. Achieving this is simply a matter of stepping into the path that God has already laid out for you and embracing the natural gifts He has given you.

Just like God gave us hands, feet, and muscles in our body, God gave us creative energy. We must use this creative energy and apply it in our lives or else we lose it, just like a muscle will atrophy if it is not used. So no matter our current situation in life, we must start doing things to channel our creative energy. This could be painting, drawing, singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, making videos, photography, planting a garden, building things, making a website, or any number of things that you can imagine. 

Many of us are told in school that we shouldn’t pursue art or creative things as a career because there’s no money to be made, and that we should therefore choose something more practical that we don’t necessarily enjoy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our creativity is our most valuable asset. When you discover talents that you have and develop them and become more skilled, money naturally starts to flow into your life because people receive so much joy and inspiration from your creations that they want to support you to create more. But the most important things is that it is something that truly helps people and raises their vibration, and that it is something that you truly have fun doing.

It is our most basic and intrinsic nature to create things. If we are not creating, it means that we are allowing something in our current lifestyle to inhibit our creative process. Usually what inhibits our creativity is overconsumption. Depending on the person, patterns of overconsumption could involve food, drugs, sex, internet, work, people, TV, video games, or anything else used to stimulate and distract rather than to nourish. But the more we cultivate and strengthen our relationship with God, the more the bad habits and distractions fall away be cause they are being replaced with the true fulfillment of connecting with the Most High. This enables our creativity to blossom.

When you are living your life purpose, you are simply aligning yourself with the plan that God has had for you since the beginning of time. Living your life purpose is living in your most highly resonant state where your masculine and feminine aspects are merging in perfect balance, and where you are loving yourself and all beings simultaneously. To be in this state means that you are accessing your creative energy and making the best use of it possible. We are all created in God’s image, which means that we are all creators. So it is time to start consuming less and creating more as God designed us to do!

One thought on “Finding Your Life Purpose – Aligning with God’s Plan

  1. Wow that is exactly what I am
    Experience since I have been eating a plant base diet mostly raw and now being in this raw vegan challenge I have noticed how my energy have increased and how I am able to create because of it. Thanks for reminding us that the connection with the most high is first for something beautiful to blossom. Traer buenos frutos a este mundo es esencial en nuestro propósito. Amén 🙏


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