The Battle for Your Mind

“Your mind is not who you are” any more than your foot or your elbow is who you are… your mind needs to be trained just like you train your lungs and legs to play soccer.

The mind is influenced all the time by television, friends, what you read, where you live, etc…

Much of that influence is about I, me, and mine. That’s not who we are. We are connected to everyone and what defines us is sharing, compassion, love.

The apostle Paul said that our job is to “destroy strongholds.” You know what a stronghold is? It is a mental block. Paul is talking about the arguments we set up against the knowledge of God; things like I deserved to be recognized, or anger when we help someone and don’t receive a thank you. This is your ego and you are in a mental battle with it all the time.

“Destroy these strongholds.”

Live from the heart.

Train your mind toward a vision of who you are. You are His love inside of you. You are perfect. You are a miracle.

by John Lefebvre

What I’ve found, I haven’t found it in materialistic things. It can’t be contained and isn’t in an specific place it has been there before I know. Filling the not so empty spaces with its essence. What I’ve found can not be given , it has to be realized, lived, felt, it can not be possessed, it possesses you, if you were aware of it you will be merged together in the most beautiful relationship that there is. Complexion, wholeness, looking forward but seeing in all directions, instinct, sensitive, awareness, consciousness, heart fulfillment, is the only nourishment there is and is essential for life.

God bless 🙏

Best always, Keila.

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