The Power of Conscious Breathing

No matter how complex our problems might seem, the solutions remain incredibly simple. They are so simple, in fact, that they are contained within our own bodies and are following us in every moment of our lives, just waiting to be discovered. Our breath is one such solution, so I would like to share with you some of the benefits of breathing properly and how it can be a tool for manifesting amazing health, higher consciousness, and a life full of love, peace and harmony.

1. Physical Benefits

When we start breathing deeply and consciously with the diaphragm, we are beginning to create an oxygen rich, alkaline environment in every cell of the body. This improves the functioning of every organ and gland because everything in the body functions better in the presence of oxygen. The increase in oxygen also drives out pathogens and parasites from the body, as they prefer to live in low-oxygen acidic environments. Circulation of blood begins to improve, and the red blood cell count in the body begins to rise. This allows nutrients from our food to be absorbed and delivered to our cells more efficiently. The rhythmic rising and falling of the diaphragm pumps the lymphatic system and greatly assists the body in detoxifying and eliminating waste. The motion of the diaphragm also massages every organ and gives a general feeling of wellbeing in the body. Conscious breathing, when done consistently, contributes to physical vitality, energy, robust health, strength, and longevity.

2. Emotional Benefits

When babies are born they naturally breathe deeply into their abdomens. But as we get older and experience stress and traumas in our lives, our breathing gets progressively more shallow. We start breathing into the chest, and then only into the throat. This is because our emotions get trapped inside, as most of us are taught that expressing our emotions in society is a “bad” thing. But when we start practicing conscious breathing, it activates these dormant trapped emotions. It enables us to explore them, feel them, and connect with them. Ultimately we can express them and release them to reach greater levels of peace and harmony in our lives. How we breathe determines how we feel. If we breathe like depressed or anxious people, that is what we will become. If we breathe like empowered, loving, joyful, connected, healthy people, then that is what we will become. The breath is essentially a vehicle that can bring us to higher states of awareness where we are no longer vibrating at the level of our past traumas and hurts. We can effectively overcome them, heal them, and then assist others in their emotional healing as well.

3. Mental Benefits

When circulation of the blood is improved and there is more oxygen supplied to the brain, this creates a whole new paradigm of thinking and perceiving than what we are used to. When the breath is shallow, the brain is deprived of oxygen and this gives rise to negative, disharmonious thought patterns. There seem to be many different voices in our minds bickering amongst themselves and we find it hard to make sense of our reality. We see things as disconnected and separate from each other, and we struggle to see life as the most precious gift and the magnificent experience that it is. But deep breathing calibrates and balances the mind. All the different voices creating our mental chatter will merge into one singular powerful voice of truth, love and compassion. Our senses begin to sharpen. Sight and sound become more clear. We become much more sensitive and perceptive, which enables us to make better decisions and make improvements in our lifestyles, not just for ourselves but for the good of the collective. Dormant parts of the brain like the pineal gland can activate, which allows us to see the interconnectedness of all things. Things no longer seem to be separate and in conflict with each other. Instead we realize that all beings are bound by love and are all part of one supreme being. We realize that we are all part of the body of God and that all is harmonizing together as we progress ever closer to the greatest good of all life. It fosters a firmly rooted sense of gratitude and a deep inner knowing that everything is in God’s hands. Everything is sacred, everything is in balance, and it is all happening for for reasons so special and so profound that it cannot be put into words. Through breathing consciously, people being to remember themselves and have these sorts of realizations that connect them to their divinity, enhance their lives, and in turn, make the world a better place.

Thank you and God bless you all,
Kevin Wynder
Raw Healing Mastery

2 thoughts on “The Power of Conscious Breathing

  1. Powerful insight. I am
    Just getting out of working and I feel
    Now that I want to run and exercise and stretch and expand my diaphragm singing and to feel my blood flowing and my heart pumping. When it flows all flows great. Thanks Kevin.

    Liked by 1 person

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