Surrender may sound weak or like giving up. It’s not.

If you have had a child, you’ve probably experienced an “I can do it myself” stage. There will be a moment when you are doing something and she will want to help. Maybe you’ll be moving something heavy by sliding it across the floor. You’ll play along since you know it makes her feel good and she’ll be standing between your legs pushing with all her might. Then she’ll say something like, “Mommy, I can do it myself, you’re getting in my way”. You’ll look down and smile.

Every day, every moment, we think if we just work harder, stay more focused, or go a little further that we can do it ourselves. I can imagine God looking down on us smiling… just like you smiled at your child. God, the Holy Spirit, is in all of us. Surrendering is giving in to accepting the Holy Spirit’s help. Breathe out – let go of your fears, your worries, and your doubts. Breathe in – accept the guidance and strength of the Holy Spirit. Breathe out – admit your flaws. Breathe in – be forgiven. Breathe out – make room in your heart. Breathe in – accept His love.

Surrender by John Lefebvre.

Best always,

Tierra Monarca 2/11/2019

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