I’m that I’m

I like to look at me now because that you can see of me is not who I really am.

I am that I am. And then, I look at myself like nobody could before. I found pain but life, body parts but feelings and a system that communicate actions, movements. I found in me a soul, a connective body with a spirit. Now that I’m writing this, the soul is poking me to breathe over and over again. If you understand this you will notice now that I am not a body, I am not a soul, I am a spirit living into a body that has been feeding by an unaware society controlled by unaware people. They are not aware of the damage that is being caused to every spirit including themselves. When it comes to awareness there is no choice but the truth, there is no battle but that for life, and it will require all the will to do it to just be.

Keila Llanes

Image from Pixabay

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