Who You Are!

When All Of Us Employ Our Actions, Knowledge, Skills, Natural Abilities And Talents Based in Social Welfare We Will Experience More Wellness Equality In Our Human Ecosystems.

We must find what we really are, Not because I’m Not able to do it today does not mean that I’m not going to do it Tomorrow, What I Think I Become, Today And Every Day We have the chance to improve things on what we know like our being, our soul, our body, our mind, our planet, our race the Human Race and the animals living with us, in the past we did not have the media we have today the network that allows us to be more closer each other where we can access to the vast knowledge and the abundant information of The Internet, it would be an infinite and unknown theme for me to talk about the benefits that provides this possibility to us. The question I ask is: Are We employing the resources known always wisely or, even do we know them? It’s really admirable the achievements, goals and accomplished challenges of our specie. To be persecuted and hunted? To become the largest predator of our planet! We kill in masses and this is unnecessary, but, I have other question: Is that what we are? A body made of earthly mass that born, grows, kills, eats, it breed and die? Or is there something more? Something that hosts our body that makes us aware, whatever that lives inside of us it is nurturing and feeds with clean, pure and organic energy that is what the soul need and for some irrational reasons this is not happening for so many people, inside us where we harbor our emotions, from which our feelings arise, our intellect, the ability to create, to love, then I wonder why we destroy what has taken over billions of years of existence? Our inner needs are also nourish with knowledge and wisdom. Be aware, have own will and making your own decisions makes you a conscious being able to create or destroy, love or hate live or die along your way through the land which you were born, land which you have and been feeding to become today in the most powerful being on the planet. Now it’s time to give back at least some of what we took, we can not keep doing something harmful necessary when in fact it is not, it’s time to awaken your spirit of light and give it the opportunity to participate in your decisions from today. Blessings.


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